What You Will Receive


  • A customized, detailed day-by-day itinerary created especially for you and matching your wishes, requirements and interests.
  • Relevant city maps and color custom maps pre-marked with all related locations.
  • Detailed flight schedule, related information and carrier’s luggage and personal documents requirements. Private airport transfers, if requested.
  • Information about the cities and places included in your itinerary, with photos and maps.
  • Accommodations – hotels, villas, resorts, palaces, castles, reservation confirmation and details, contact and description, map, and photos.
  • Tours requested –detailed description of the sights included, tour information, vouchers or tickets, photos.
  • Suggestions and description of must-see sights, activities, entertainment, famous places, and/or special events.
  • Transportation arrangements (car rental, private car and driver, train reservations, public transportation passes, transfers, river cruise, ferries, gondola ride) – confirmation, tickets, description, driving directions, maps, contacts, requirements.
  • Restaurant suggestions based on your personal taste, and reservations, if requested.
  • Travel insurance quotes.
  • Helpful cultural and practical information (emergency contacts, communication, weather, money, local practices, foreign language travel phrases) and much more, designed to assure a smooth and memorable trip, and your peace of mind.
  • Special information and suggestions you may have requested.

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