1. Why shouldn’t I use the internet to plan my trip myself? 

    Yes, you can find overwhelming information about everything on the Internet. It just takes too much time, energy and patience to search through every option and plan the entire trip. The information on some websites is not always updated and few of those sites may be exactly what you need if only you could find them.

  2. What if I don’t like a place you recommend ? 

    If, during the planning process, we recommend places that don’t appeal to you or don’t meet your needs, please tell us! Our goal is to create itineraries full of places and activities you’ll be excited about seeing and doing. The back-and-forth communication that takes place during the planning process should ensure that your itineraries contain only places that you expect to enjoy. We offer more options to choose for hotels, transportation, villas and restaurants.

    You will have an opportunity to carefully review your itinerary upon completion. If you don’t feel that you will like a place recommended on your itinerary, we will change it, or we just will not make reservation and you can choose where to go, once you are there, if you prefer so. Generally, we give many options until you make the choice right for you.

    We take into consideration your comments very seriously. If you do go somewhere that you don’t like, or have a bad experience, and you feel that the place should not be recommended to other clients, please let us know. Restaurants and hotels may raise prices or lower standards, personnel change as do customer service staff, tour guides, and other people you may interact with while touring the city. We will reevaluate that place and reconsider including it in future itineraries.

  3. How far in advance must I contact you ? Can you plan last-minute trip ? 

    For our customized service, we ask that you contact us at least a month prior to the date you will travel. We will do our best to accommodate customers who wish to travel “last minute” with less than a month notice, but there is no guarantee we will be able to make all reservations in such short notice. We will consider each request on a case-by-case basis and much will depend on the number of other customers we have at that time, the number of days in your itinerary, and the amount of time before your trip.

  4. What if my plans change  and/or I have to cancel my trip ? 

    If your plans change while we are still working on your itinerary, call as soon as possible to notify us of the needed changes. Depending on the stage in which we are, and the reservations already made, we will do our best to cancel and substitute the vendors with new ones on the new dates indicated. If your plans change after the reservations were completed, changes can be made for a fee of $30.00 per change request plus the fees requested by the Vendor(s) as per our Terms and Conditions policy.

    If you need to cancel your trip, please notify us as soon as possible. If your itinerary has not been completed, we will negotiate with the vendors and depending on their cancellation policy we will refund your money for the reservations where possible. We are not able to refund payment once your itinerary has been finished and sent to you.

  5. What  forms of payment do you accept ? 

    We accept  online credit/debit cards payments, PayPal and personal checks.

  6. Who uses your service ? 

    Travelers who:

    – Don’t have time to contact and wait weeks to receive confirmation from a hotel, tour operator or restaurant.
    – Don’t have the patience to research online for hard-to-find hotels, tours, excursions, tickets and transportation.
    – Don’t have the knowledge and competence to do all research by themselves.
    – Prefer to save hundreds of hours researching and planning their trip.
    – Don’t feel so confident to interact with people having different native language.
    – Want to make best use of their time and money.
    – Want the assurance that everything is booked and confirmed prior to their arrival and have peace of mind.
    – Would like to pre-pay for their vacation and avoid the stress of using foreign currency and thinking constantly about how and where to exchange the money to pay properly and on time.
    – Appreciate the security of having a professional who will arrange all reservations on their behalf.

  7. Do you offer day-by-day itinerary ? 

    Yes. We make your reservations on the dates you indicate or the dates available by the vendor. We want you to feel flexible and relaxed. Our itineraries and packages are fully custom personalized, independent, and designed especially for you so that you travel at your own pace. We can handle any kind of request and we are ready to prepare your trip the way you want it. We can work with single travelers, couple, families or small group of friends.

  8. How will I receive the package? 

    You will receive your complete itinerary electronically in pdf format. If you requested a paper package, we will send the itinerary for free, printed in black and white via USPS with delivery tracking number. Additional charge will apply, depending on the number of sheets, if you request your itinerary package to be delivered printed in color ink and assembled in binder.

  9. Some questions that came along the way – Contact Us.     

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