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St. Andrews, in the Kingdom of Fife

St. Andrews is situated a little to the north of the capital city of Edinburgh, on Scotland's east coast. It is a small cathedral city with a population of fewer than 17,000 but it has a grand reputation for such a small town. read more

Linz – the city of cake and creativity

Linz is a pleasing Baroque city in the Austrian heartlands. It is a town of industry but also of beauty, art and creativity. Increasingly, Linz is becoming known as a centre of technology and innovation, with gleaming new inventions competing for interest with more historical attractions. read more

Marseille and its cruise port

Marseille - the second largest city in France, where cultures collide in a stunning melting pot of French, African and the Mediterranean. Whilst gliding across the bright blue waters of this Mediterranean coastal city you can expect a whirlwind adventure in Marseilles cruise port. read more

Rothenburg – a symbol of medieval romance

Located on a high hill above the river Tauber, Rothenburg is considered to be the symbol of the medieval romance. Being a popular tourist destination, the city is visited by thousands of tourists from all over the world. It is similar to the illustrations from brothers Grimm’s fairy tales with all the diversity of timber-framed buildings, none of which repeating the other. read more

Pompeii – the best preserved ancient ruins

There is nothing more interesting and fascinating than witnessing the life of people living 2000 years ago. After almost two thousand years, the big tragedy that has struck the city allows us to find intact a glimpse of the common life in the largest empire in ancient times. read more

Belfast – a surprising city to explore

Belfast is a city that has taken quite a battering over the years, going from the heady days of economic growth, shipbuilding prowess and a fruitful linen industry to the battle-zone epicenter of the Northern Irish Troubles throughout the second half of the 20th Century. read more

Arabella Hotel Waldhuus – your next ski vacation

Now, when many of you are planning your winter ski vacation, it is time to find out more about Arabella Hotel Waldhuus Davos, part of Starwood Hotels. Davos is the oldest mountain resort located in Graubünden in the east of Switzerland. At 1560 m, Davos is the highest village in the Alps, famous for hosting the World Economic Forum every year. read more

Lake Balaton – the Hungarian sea

Balaton Lake, Hungary, is the largest fresh water lake in Central and Western Europe. Millions years ago there was a huge sea on the current location of the lake. The water in Balaton heats up quickly and you can bathe there from early spring to late autumn. The soft, slightly undulating water has a high content of iodine and, combined with the specific southern microclimate it creates the illusion of recreation on the sea. read more

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