What You Will Receive

Paris Tour Eiffel Monte Carlo (2) Madrid, Spain Lake Wofgangsee Austria Lausanne, Switzerland

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All customized itinerary packages include the following:

  • A customized, detailed itinerary created especially for you and tailored to match your budget and wishes.

  • Relevant city maps and colored custom maps pre-marked with all related locations.

  • Directions, transportation, and advice on best travel methods within the city.

  • The hours when the places are opened for visitors.

  • Advice and information on best travel methods to and from the airport.

  • Hotel accommodations recommended in each destination (at least three options to choose), and reservations, if requested

  • Transportation arrangements (car rental, train reservations, air or private car and driver)

  • Restaurant suggestions based on your personal taste, and reservations, if requested

  • Must-see activities, entertainment, famous places

  • All necessary contact information and phone numbers, just in case

  • All confirmations and contact information for hotels, tours, transportation, restaurants, etc.

  • Advanced purchase of tickets for transportation, museums or tours, if requested

  • Helpful foreign language travel phrases, cultural and practical information designed to make your stay smooth and memorable.

  • Special suggestions you may have requested