In the past years skiing in Bulgaria became very popular. Bulgaria has a lot to offer: from traditional houses in the narrow roads, passing through rural towns that offer excellent cuisine, to, of course, the ski area full of action and with guaranteed snow. Here, you will surely find what you need. All in all, Bulgaria is a combination of tradition and modernity.

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Although Bulgaria could not be your first choice when it comes to skiing, you would be amazed to discover that Bulgaria is turning into an inexorably prevalent destination of choice for winter vacationers from Europe and the rest of the world. Another type of European nation, Bulgaria has started turning into an industrialized, metropolitan country. This Eastern European country has an astonishing profundity of history and culture, and is really an amazing place to uncover. With this national development comes the expansion of its inherited love for skiing, and this is obvious across the territory, with different ski resorts springing up everywhere in the country.

Bulgaria’s most recognized ski resort is Bansko. As a result of massive investments in Bulgaria, especially in the tourism sector, Bansko is part of an extensive modernization to create a facility competing to other world level resorts. With many new luxury hotels, apartments, and other different lodgings, the actual slopes were refined to assure high quality, internationally equal ski conditions. With amazing snow coverage from late November through the spring, Bansko is a perfect ski resort, and this is reflected by its expanding recognition. The lovely village itself is rich in history and tradition, and you will find the local people extremely warm and inviting, anxious to accommodate you and guarantee you’ll have a great time.

The town, located at the foot of Pirin Mountain, 180 km from Sofia, offers the best opportunities for recreation in winter. It is an interesting combination of the virgin nature of the Pirin Mountain and the atmosphere of an old small Bulgarian town.

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Bansko is situated at 925 meters above sea level, and its area for skiing is 2000 – 2500 m above sea level. Pirin has a predominant alpine relief with the highest peak being at 2,914 m.

Ski runs are located in two main ski centers. They are approximately 10 km above the town on the northern slope of Pirin Mountain and are easily accessible – about 25 minutes with the new lift, which starts from the town of Bansko. The total length of the ski runs and the ski road is 70 km. And there are well maintained runs for beginners, advanced, and experienced skiers.

The other Ski Center offers a great 7 km. Both equipped with machines for artificial snow and lighting, they connect the high parts of the resort with the town of Bansko.

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In Bansko a funicular is built for 8 people, together with five 4-chair modern lifts, one 3-seat lift, six ski lifts and ten children ski lifts with a total length of 26 km.

Bansko is distinguished with its excellent snow cover and the long ski season (from 15 December to 15 May). 

Pamporovo is a modern ski resort located in the heart of the Rhodopi Mountains. It is the southernmost European ski resort and is the sunniest Bulgarian winter resort with wonderful snow throughout the season. Pamporovo is situated at 1650 m above sea level at the foot of peak Snejanka (1926 m) and is about 260 km from the city of Sofia.

Pamporovo has an exceptional climate featuring a mild winter with about 120 sunny days during the ski season. The Aegean Sea significantly affects its climate and the ski season starts in the middle of December and continues until the middle of April.

The soothing profile of the mountain with its curved slopes and summits makes Pamporovo specifically appropriate for beginners. Difficult ski runs are an excellent exercise for every good skier. Pamporovo also owns a run for giant slalom. All ski runs are secured and maintained in a very good condition.

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Pamporovo ski tracks have all levels of difficulty. They are located between 1926 and 1450 m altitude in the Northern, Eastern and Western slopes of Snejanka peak. The main ski slopes actually start from the very peak. In Pamporovo several ski schools are open with highly qualified instructors.

All ski runs in Pamporovo are marked according to their difficulty, as here there are ideal conditions, both for beginners, and for skiers with experience. Facilities serving the network of tracks in resort Pamporovo are with capacity of 11,600 people an hour. There are six-chair lifts and a new 6-chairs indoor lift. Machines for artificial snow are installed, as well as lighting for night skiing.

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Pamporovo has a total of 8 ski trails and three tracks for cross-country skiing. There are international and national competitions in alpine skiing for men and women, cross-country skiing, ski-orienteering, biathlon and other winter sports.

Besides the wonderful conditions for skiing and relaxation, nature in the region has created some of the most popular tourist sights in Bulgaria.

Borovets is the oldest mountain resort in Bulgaria. The resort has hosted rounds of the World Cup alpine disciplines twice. It is situated at 1,350 m above sea level. Located on the northern slopes of Rila Mountain, it is at the foot of the highest peak on the Balkan Peninsula – Musala Peak (2,925 m).

The resort has 24 runs with a total length of the ski runs 50 km. Excellent supported ski runs are suitable for beginners, advanced, and professional skiers. They are marked with international marking signs and nameplates in different languages. Maintenance is carried out according to the international standards.

In February 2011 Borovets launched the first phase of Borosport Snow Park 2011. The Park is with length 520 m and has three lines with a different difficulty. The park and the ski area were intended for use only by compelling freestyle skiers and snowboarders who have good skills.

In Borovets you can ski even at night, because ski runs are not only maintained in excellent condition, but they are also secured and with quality lighting. Ski runs in Borovets have also excellent conditions for skiing of snowboard. In the ski Markoudjik sometimes snow cover reaches 2 meters. Tracks in the area are well maintained. Some of them are equipped with lights and music, so that ski entertainment may continue, even after sunset. If you are not a fan of winter sports and do not want to participate in the evening entertainment on the slopes, there are special evening events, ski shows and carnivals, organized for assuring your good time. Everyone can find something for themselves during their vacation in Borovets. Here you can ski, walk among pine forests or simply relax in the spa center of one of the numerous hotels in the area.

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Borovets has developed a modern ski resort of high class with its luxury hotels, restaurants, clubs, shops, and, of course, an excellent network of ski runs and lifts on the slopes of the mountain. The resort has twice hosted assorted winter sports – alpine skiing, cross-country, ski jumping and biathlon. The resort has twice hosted the circles of the world championship in alpine skiing.

The slopes of Borovets have permanent snow cover from November to May with thickness of more than one and a half meters. The air in Borovets is crystal clear. Only there you discover how polluted the air is in the place where you live. 


The mountain is located in close proximity to Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria, and in consequence, the mountain has changed more than the other Bulgarian mountains. On the territory of the mountain there is the natural park Vitosha Mountain, the oldest on the Balkan Peninsula. Vitosha Mountain is a favorite place for tourism for the inhabitants of the capital city.

In the mountain there are good conditions for winter sports – skiing, snowboarding, and all kinds of winter sports.

Ski center “Aleko” is the oldest in Bulgaria and the most visited ski center in the Vitosha Mountain. Its altitude is 1,800 meters. Orientation of the ski runs is north. Ski – facilities include 1 cabin, 3 chair lifts, 6 stationary and several portable ski trails. Most tracks are located around Aleko, as there is everything from sloping for children and ski-schools, to steep slopes and even extreme chutes, suitable for experienced skiers, having good ski equipment.

Because of the beauty of the mountain and the wealth of sights, Vitosha Mountain was declared as a National Park in 1934.

Today Vitosha Mountain enjoys a large flow of tourists. Reaching the mountain is easy and comfortable. There are bus lines from Sofia, which lead tourists to Golden bridges or the complex “Shtastlivetsa (Aleko)”.  Within the park there are the chalets of “Aleko” and Salzitsa (Small tear) and many other lodgings.

Bright sun, powdery snow, wonderful ski runs, excellent hotels and cozy mountain huts will welcome you in Vitosha Mountain. In addition you will have the opportunity to engage in the vigorous cultural life of the capital Sofia, to immerse yourself in the millennial history of the city, and feel the pulse of the night life.

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Obviously the excellence of Bulgaria as an incredible skiing area is that it is moderately untouched and undiscovered. This implies that you can profit from the top notch facilities without needing to battle with an excessive amount of vacationers. Bulgaria furnishes a fantastic chance to enjoy skiing in peaceful and charming settings. Furthermore, for a trip in Bulgaria, you will pay essentially less compared to other European countries for the same amazing climate and extravagant skiing. Bulgaria is truly a win/win decision for any skiing vacation.

With such noteworthy investments in the country, Bulgaria is a best in class holiday destination as it pushes towards European integration. For a minimal cost a high quality ski vacation in Bulgaria must be a consideration, so why not book your next winter vacation, and find Europe’s best kept skiing mystery for yourself?

With so much time and investments being made on these slants, it truly is a perfect opportunity to visit Bulgaria. 

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