One of the most luxurious and upscale holiday spots in Europe, and the entire world for that matter, is definitely the Principality of Monaco. This small, chic piece of land sits on the Mediterranean Sea in the magnificent French Riviera. It is home to about 37,000 very lucky people who aren’t subject to any personal income tax and live in a major vacation destination. The world’s second smallest country is an important banking centre and a well known holiday site for the rich and famous.

This is without a doubt the favorite destination for those who love the “dolce vita” and the privilege to take advantage of an infinite selection of luxury extra services.

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In Monte Carlo it is possible to live like in a dream thanks to the countless offers of exclusive services such as the Casino (among the most prestigious in the world), luxury 5 star hotels, hiring private jets, sports cars, limousines, yacht charter, and numerous other activities that bind to the world of luxury. 

Monaco also has an asset of the spectacle, events, exhibitions, and arts in general, worthy to be visited in any month of the positioned tranquility, cleaning and security of the place, making the Principality of Monaco and Monte Carlo one of the most popular destinations and frequented by international tourism. 

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The climate of Monaco is another great attraction as the nation enjoys warm, dry summers along with mild winters, making it a popular site all year long. Tourism is actually the name of the game here and visitors and high rollers flock to the ward of Monte Carlo to try their luck at its world-famous casino. Astonishing Le Grand Casino de Monte Carlo, as it’s officially called, has been entertaining holiday goers ever since it opened its doors in1858. Le Grand Casino de Monte Carlo is breathtaking with its rococo turrets, green copper cupolas and gold chandeliers. Catch the gorgeous Little Africa floral display in the Casino Gardens. And from the Terrace, you’ll get a good view of Victor Vasarely’s startling multicolored Hexa Grace. The Terrasses du Soleil, behind the Casino, are a delight for taking the sun, and Le Bar du Soleil –  a pleasant place for a mid-morning cappuccino.

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The Grand Casino now has some competition though, as several other bustling gaming outlets have opened recently. These include the high-class Le Casino Café de Paris, the Monte Carlo Bay Casino, the Sun Casino, and the Monte Carlo Sporting Club and Casino. However, you don’t need to be a gambler to enjoy everything Monaco has to offer.

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The casinos are certainly not the only hot tourist attractions in the Principality. Some of the other top sites include the lavish Monte Carlo Opera House, the Oceanographic Museum and Aquarium, Saint Nicholas Cathedral, the Place d’Armes, and the Prince’s Palace.

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The atrium leading to the Salle Garnier Opera House is paved in marble, with 28 Ionic columns in onyx.

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The natural beauty of the harbor with its high-priced yachts is also another excellent drawing point along with the top-class jewelry shops.

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Finding an ideal place to rest your head isn’t a problem here as there are dozens of elegant hotels to choose from when planning a trip to Monaco. These include the Monte Carlo Bay Hotel and Resort and the Hotel de Paris. You’ll find that many visitors love to plan their vacations around Monaco’s several elite sporting events. Why not lunch at Le Saint Benoît where the seafood is highly recommended, or amidst spectacular views at the one Michelin star-rated Le Vistamar in the Hôtel Hermitageor Le Côté Jardin in the Hôtel de Paris.

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Napoleon I has a niche in Monaco – the Museum of Napoleonic Souvenirs and Collections of the Palace’s Historic Archives. There you will find lorgnettes, tobacco pouches, medals, family trees – and more – with heavy-duty documents as well, including Monaco’s Charter of Independence sighed by Louis XII of France.

The Principality waxes dynastic at the Wax Museum of the Princes of Monaco – the costumes are as fetching as the figures.

Visit the Old Town with its vaulted passageways and intriguing sights. Those bronze cannons protecting the harbor were Louis XIV’s idea of a gift to Monaco. The houses look medieval and they really are. Tour the must see Prince’s Palace – remarkable! It was built as a Genoese fortress around 1215. Take in the Throne Room, where Prince Rainier arranges state receptions. In the Main Courtyard, horseshoe-shaped, there is the Carrara marble stairway – three million stones creating astonishing geometric shapes.

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The Monaco Grand Prix Formula One auto race has been attracting thousands of international fans every year since 1929. Another prestigious event is the Monte Carlo Rally which was first launched back in 1911 and the AS Monaco FC soccer team that competes in France’s Ligue 1 division. In addition, Monaco also has its own national soccer and rugby teams. 

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Monte Carlo and Monaco simply offer visitors the best that money can buy. You will be well taken care of in these magnificent destinations from the moment you arrive until the moment you leave. It’s very easy to see why Monaco is considered to be one of the world’s and Europe’s best holiday locations. This is due to the fact that there is no unemployment there and poverty is non-existent. It is an upscale country where everyone lives well.

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In addition, this wealthy and stylish center is home to the most billionaires and millionaires per capita on the entire planet. Everything about Monaco screams high class and that’s exactly what you’ll get when you pay a visit here.

The photos in this article are by courtesy of Monaco Press Centre Photos.

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